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How do my Mintek products work?2022-10-18T12:10:19-05:00

Made from natural peppermint oil, Mintek product produce a powerful, natural aroma that repels common mice, rats, and other pests. By placing Mintek products in close proximity to stored vehicles, boats and RV’s, you’re adding an extra layer of protection against potential damage.

Does temperature affect my Mintek products?2022-04-07T03:58:51-05:00

The ideal temperature for best output is between 40 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (4 – 27 C). There is no damage done to the product if exposed to freezing temperatures.

When do I replace my Mintek products for optimal effectiveness?2022-04-07T03:59:23-05:00

Note that it may take a small amount of time for your Mintek product to gain full effectiveness. Depending on the environment, it may take a few minutes to a few hours to reach optimum delivery. Heat, humidity and air circulation all play a role in how quickly your Mintek product will start working. When you initially open your Mintek product, there will be a strong aroma or “burst.”  This will quickly fade and the normal, steady output will be established. Based on typical use, we suggest that your Mintek product be replaced every 30-60 days. However; if you notice that the aroma has significantly diminished prior to that time, go ahead and install a new unit to maintain effective aroma delivery.

What makes my Mintek products different from competitive brands?2022-04-07T04:00:27-05:00

Mintek products are proudly made in the USA by Vaportek, Inc. We have nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience using essential oils and proprietary delivery systems, along with millions of satisfied customers all over the world! What makes us different is our uncompromising use of quality products that offer effectiveness, safety and value. Using our dry vapor technology, Mintek products are easy to use and provide long-lasting protection.

How do I know which Mintek product is the best for me?2022-04-07T19:19:47-05:00

Mintek products come in different strengths and meet a variety of application needs:

  • 5” Disposable Canisters.  You can place them by your tires or toss them in your trunk. These canisters provide an adjustable aroma delivery system and are available in Standard Duty and Professional Strength. Both formulas contain the same oil strength, but the Professional model has 50% more oil inside. Simply dial the endcaps open to your desired setting and let natural airflow and mint vapors do the rest.
  • EZ Disks. This refillable unit offers adjustability and comes with velcro for installation in the most inconspicuous locations.
  • SCS Heavy Duty Pads with Alligator Hang Chain. This is the easiest and most versatile Mintek product to use. It can be hung from the underside of the vehicle chassis. This large pad is intended for full and continual aroma output. Alligator clips make installation a snap.
Can my Mintek product pads be re-filled with other brands?2022-02-26T23:07:25-06:00

We don’t recommend adding other products to any Mintek diffuser media. You could potentially create a combination of ingredients that may be ineffective and/or potentially unsafe to use. Please only use our products according to the specific instructions and only refill with genuine Mintek.


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