Mintek’s got your small spaces protected with Mintabz™, a natural peppermint oil pest* deterrent. Instead of having to fiddle with manually dosing messy cotton products, use our pre-dosed Mintabz cubes as a fast, simple, and effective natural deterrent. Simply place as many cubes as desired in hard-to-reach places or where mice, rodents, or rats may enter an area and allow Mintabz to release a strong minty smell. Protect stored cars, boats, and RVs in closed storage areas.*Effective against mice and rats.

Each pack contains 24 cubes. Reseal bag after each use to ensure Mintabz freshness. Best for use around or under stored vehicles, near refuse containers, or access areas. Not recommended for placement on finished wood and painted surfaces.Water soluble.
Safe and effective (when used as directed).
Ready to use.
A better alternative to toxic poison treatments.