• 5″ Disposable Canisters – Professional Strength


    Single, 2-Pack or 12-Pack
    Professional strength canisters contain 50% more oil for wider reach and longer use. For exterior or interior use, simply twist the endcaps to control the amount of vapor released for up to 45 days of protection with one canister.

  • 5″ Disposable Canisters – Standard Duty


    Single, 2-Pack or 12-Pack
    For exterior or interior use, control the amount of vapor released with a simple twist of the endcaps to release mint-based repellent for up to 45 days with one canister.

  • Alligator Hang Chain


    Single or 12-Pack
    Hang Mintek disks in hard to reach or targeted areas using our hang chain to ensure the peppermint aroma protection where you need it most, such as under a vehicle.

  • EZ Disk Refill


    6-Pack or 12-Pack
    Keep EZ Disk refills on hand to ensure your space always remains protected. Refills are for EZ Disk canisters only.

  • EZ Disks


    2-Pack or 12-Pack
    For smaller or inconspicuous places, try our EZ Disk vapor release canister with Velcro backing for easy placement. Disk included and is refillable.

  • HDSA Cartridge


    Excellent for larger spaces, this non-electric heavy duty dry vapor dispenser features adjustable airflow to maximize customization. Used in relatively low air movement environments like large self storage spaces, boats, RVs or storage semis, the Mintek Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge can last for up to two months or more of continuous use. Based upon our proven products used in disaster restoration services, the new Mintek HDSA is easy and versatile: simply dial open the aluminum plates at both ends, opening the air passages allowing vapor to be released and locate near the access points where mice, rats, or other common pests enter. Can treat large areas up to 20,000 cubic feet. Creates an unpleasant environment for pests, but, a pleasant mint smell for humans. Product will begin working immediately. Non-toxic. Spill-proof.

  • Large Spray


    Use Mintek Spray to drive away mice, rodents, and other pests while leaving a pleasing aroma for you. Mintek’s large spray bottle allows you to cover areas directly affected by unwanted intruders with a layer of water-soluble, natural peppermint repellent. This large bottle allows you to control the amount of protection you need while also providing direct coverage in hard to reach or high traffic areas.

    Best for use around doorways, refuse containers, or access areas. Also ideal for in, under, or around stored cars, boats, and RVs.

    Water soluble.
    Safe and effective.
    Ready to use.


  • Mini Spray


    Use the power of Mintek’s naturally effective mint-based pest deterrent, now available in a convenient finger-pump spray bottle. Easy for quick use or to reach small places, this mini bottle of pest repellent is sure to provide long-lasting protection for stored vehicles.

    Mintek™ is an essential oil-based product, safe for humans and irritating to rats, mice, and other pesky rodents that like to chew the wires of your valuables as a snack. With a naturally pleasant smell for humans, Mintek provides the best of both worlds.

    Best for use in or around vehicles, hard to reach places, access areas, and cracks or leaks in storage spaces where rodents may enter.

    Water soluble.
    Safe and effective.
    Ready to use.


  • Mintabz


    Mintek’s got your small spaces protected with Mintabz™, a natural peppermint oil pest deterrent. Instead of having to fiddle with manually dosing messy cotton products, use our pre-dosed Mintabz cubes as a fast, simple, and effective natural deterrent. Simply place as many cubes as desired in hard-to-reach places or where mice, rodents, or rats may enter an area and allow Mintabz to release a strong minty smell. Protect stored cars, boats, and RVs in closed storage areas.

    Each pack contains 24 cubes. Reseal bag after each use to ensure Mintabz freshness. Best for use around or under stored vehicles, near refuse containers, or access areas. Not recommended for placement on finished wood and painted surfaces.

    Water soluble.
    Safe and effective.
    Ready to use.


  • SCS Heavy Duty Pads


    2-Pack w/ Chain, 12-Pack, or 12-Pack w/ 3 Chains
    Larger and filled with more mint-based oil, this heavy-duty pad can be hung using our Alligator Hang Chain and does not require housing. Ideal for hard to reach or direct placement in problem areas, such as hanging from a vehicle chassis.


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